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Tuesday 28th Jun, 2022

Our Goole Branch Development Officer

We asked Jo, our Goole Branch Development Officer, what it's like to work for HEY Credit Union. Here's what she said:



What attracted you to join the HEY Credit Union Team?

As a youth worker for many years, my speciality was financial education for young people. The role of Development Officer came up with HEY Credit Union setting up the funded school banks programme... I loved the idea of helping families learn from a young age the benefits of good savings habits. After meeting with John from HEY Credit Union and learning all about the work they do, I honestly thought that the role was perfect to continue my financial education message to children and young people.


How long have you been with HEY Credit Union?

I started working with the Credit Union in 2013 and have loved every minute.


What do you look forward to each day?

No day is ever the same! I enjoy seeing our regular members and welcoming new ones to our local branch. I am incredibly proud of our Goole branch and love to see it busy, busy, busy.


What does a typical working day look like for you?

Some days are busier than others and as well as managing our branch in Goole we are also committed to our Community Outreach work. At quieter times we also pick up the telephone calls for all of our areas, this entails processing withdrawals, dealing with enquiries and when required taking loan applications.


What do you feel makes HEY Credit Union so special?

We care about our members and their lives. In these difficult times, with people struggling to make ends meet, if we are able to help or can signpost to someone that can we have made a difference. We are non-judgemental in our approach when dealing with our members and want them to have a positive member experience.


What moments stand out during your working day that make a difference to you, your team and the members you serve?

On a Thursday we have a contact point at a local food bank promoting our savings accounts and loan products. This can be challenging and thought-provoking seeing how many families in our local area are struggling financially. We are able to liaise with the food bank and other agencies to provide food and practical support as well as savings and budgeting advice. Building a rapport with those we meet at the food bank has brought many new members through our branch doors and seeing them trying hard to better their situations is very rewarding.


What has been your best achievement while working at HEY Credit Union?

Every year we run a Toy Appeal in our local area collecting and distributing toys and gifts to disadvantaged families in our local area. I have the pleasure of working with many local businesses and partner agencies and meeting some amazing families that through no fault of their own have fallen on difficult times. Year after year the support from the community we receive is incredible and knowing that children are waking up with lots of toys on Christmas Day is and always will be one of my biggest achievements.


What are your hopes for the future at HEY Credit Union?

I hope the Credit Union continues to thrive and that our member numbers grow, and that we continue to have a high street branch presence.


We hope you enjoyed getting to know Jo! 


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