Spring Loan Sale now on!

Monday 20th Jun, 2022

Rates from 4.9% APR on new loans between £2,000 - £9,999

Prices, taxes and bills may have risen, but our loans rates are lower than ever. We aim to make you better off, not make money out of you.

Let us help you 'Beat the Squeeze' this Spring with our fantastic offer.

  • 4.9% APR on new loans from £5,000 to £9,999
  • 12.7% APR on new loans from £2,000 to £4,999
  • Flexible repayment terms tailored to you
  • Interest charged only on reducing balance
  • Pay back early without penalty
  • Save as you repay options
  • Free bereavement protection policy (see terms and conditions)

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For a limited period only. This product is not available for debt consolidation.

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