Tribute to Tracey Swift

Monday 03rd Oct, 2022


We are saddened to share with you the recent passing of our colleague and friend Tracey who worked at our Scunthorpe Branch for nearly 11 years.

Tracey loved working at the Credit Union and had a real enthusiasm for helping Members. She will be missed in Scunthorpe and the wider Credit Union Family.

We share with you Tracey's 'a day in the life' that she wrote a few months before her passing:



What attracted you to join the HEY Credit Union Team?

I had a work placement at Scunthorpe (North Lincolnshire) Credit Union, having walked past the Credit Union for years without actually realising that it existed. During my placement I saw how much the Credit Union helped its members, impressed with how their members’ lives were being improved.


How long have you been with HEY Credit Union?

Nearly 12 years. Officially my employment started in June 2010, but my placement began that March.


What do you look forward to each day?

Interacting with our members, no day is ever the same. Helping people in some way to improve their home lives or work options. Working alongside my colleagues and assisting them where I possibly can.


What does a typical working day look like for you?

A typical working day is ensuring that our front section is tidy, the display posters are secure on the windows. When I am working at the front I deal with cash transactions, loan queries and accept loan applications and supporting documents. I work one day at my desk taking calls from members regarding their accounts, recording transfers to be sent to their bank accounts and interacting with my colleagues.


What do you feel makes HEY Credit Union so special?

For me personally it’s the members and staff. Over the years I have talked with so many of our members, learnt about their lives and wishes and seen how things have improved for them all because they have come to the Credit Union for help and support.

Spending time working with our volunteers, who have wanted to give back into the community; these volunteers have become very dear friends to me.

The atmosphere is amazing, for me its knowing that my colleagues are there if I need assistance. The amount of support from the Credit Union and from my colleagues that I receive so that I can continue to be a productive staff member is wonderful. It has helped me accept my limits without causing unnecessary stress.


What moments stand out during your working day that make a difference to you, your team and the members you serve?

The moments that stand out for me are when a member has been granted a loan that improves their lives, living conditions and for their children.

When a member has saved for some time in their Credit Union account and calls to be sent a loan application. After they’ve said how much that they were looking to apply for and I tell them the savings balance available in their membership account, to hear the shock in their voice that the monies available are higher than what they’d thought of requesting. That moment was fantastic, it made my day and still makes me smile years later!


What has been your best achievement while working at HEY Credit Union?

My best achievement is going from a work placement to being offered a position within the Credit Union! Every aspect of my role within the Credit Union is what I had thought I didn’t want to do for a job. I can truly say that I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else!


What are your hopes for the future at HEY Credit Union?

My hopes are to still work at providing the level of assistance to our members, our communities and to aim even higher. Continue to provide loans so members to find safe, secure and healthy living accommodation, and to help them back into finding work.

To help people who are struggling financially to ease some of the worry they’re dealing with, I would also like our Credit Union to be able to work more with our Local Housing Associations and employers in the region to see what we are able to provide for their staff and the local communities.


We will miss you Tracey.

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