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How can I withdraw my savings?

Bank Transfer

- Online:  If you have registered for our Web App you can use it to send funds to a bank account that you have authorised us to use.

- Telephone:  01482 778753 (Mon - Fri 10-4) to request a transfer (You must have a standing authorisation set up to use this method. You can set this up by completing a form and returning it to us).

Complete and return a withdrawal form by:

- Post:  to 38 Brook Street, Hull, HU2 8LA

- Email:  with your scanned form to

- Fax:  01482 229540.

When will the money appear in my bank?
If we receive your web app request, completed form or phone request before 2.30 pm Mon to Fri, the funds will normally appear in your designated bank account the same day.   Requests made on a weekend or Public Holiday will be dealt with on Monday or the next working day.

When can I draw my Christmas Saver money?
Any time between 1 November and 24 December.  As the purpose of this account is to save up for Christmas, we may charge you a £5 "early withdrawal fee" if you request a withdrawal outside the normal withdrawal period (ie after 24 December and before 1 November). If you request more than one early withdrawal your account will be closed and to reopen it you'd need to complete a new application form.

I've forgotten my password and/or online access details. What can I do?
Contact us directly on 01482 778753 (M-F 10-4) for help.

I've forgotten my Member Number / lost my Welcome pack. What can I do?
Please call us on 01482 778753 (M-F 10-4) where we'll ask you some security details before giving you the information.

How can I change my payroll deduction?

You can send us a secure message on the Web App

Alternatively, complete and return a payroll deduction order by:

- Post - to 38 Brook Street, Hull, HU2 8LA

- Email - with your scanned form to

- Fax - to 01482 229540.

- Dropping it off at a HEY Credit Union branch

When will changes to my payroll deduction take effect?
Your payroll service should make the change from the first available opportunity. But remember, different payroll services have different "cut off dates" for payroll amendments, so depending on when you notify us, it could be up to two months before the change can take effect.

When can I apply for a CU Loan?
As soon as you become a member. Browse our selection of loans to see which one if the best for you.


If you can't find the answer to your question here or on the main site, please contact us

Earn a £100 Business Referral Award

We're seeking employers to add to our extensive list of businesses who are already offering their staff access to our Payroll Save & Borrow scheme.

The likes of DWP, ResQ, HICA, local Councils, Colleges and many, many more are already on board!

Does your employer offer Credit Union payroll deduction yet?

If not - refer them to us! We'll contact them and if they sign up, we'll give you a £100 reward.

Email us at


£10 shopping voucher when you open your first Flexi Credit account

We've re-opened our offer of a £10 Shopping Voucher to all payroll members opening their first Flexi Credit account! 

Terms & Conditions

This exclusive, payroll-member-only offer is only open until 30 September 2022, so take advantage while you can!


Win one of three fitness devices

The prize draw has now ended. Our winners were:

- First prize (Fitbit Charge 4) - Maryann McNaught of DWP Milton Street, Glasgow 

- Second prize (Fitness Tracker Watch) 
- Michelle Hargreaves of Grimsby Job Centre 

- Third prize (Pedometer) 
- Joanne Punton of Benton Park View, Newcastle 


Find more of our member offers here


Our upcoming Payroll events:

Wed 6th July - KWL - Sutton Fields (11 am to 12 noon in the Fleet Meeting Room)

Tue 5th July - KWL - Kingswood (10 am to 1 pm in Training Room A)

Fri 10 June - ResQ - Hammonds of Hull

Thu 9 June - ResQ - Seaham

Wed 8 June - ResQ - Criterion House, Hull



A selection of our products

Flexi Credit (Payroll Members)

Revolving Credit that you control



Instant Access

Save separately for holidays, a family celebration or anything you wish


Credit Union Loan

Simple and competitive loans for our members


Co-op Energy

Working with Co-op Energy to lower your energy bills


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