Mental Health Awareness Week (15 - 21 May 2023)

Monday 15th May, 2023

HEYCU - Supporting Mental Health Awareness


As big supporters of Mental Health Awareness Week here at HEY Credit Union, we want to have a quick chat about money.

We know all too well that money can be a major cause of stress, anxiety, depression and more.

One of the aims of HEY Credit Union is to improve people’s quality of life, by helping them to manage their money well and take away the worry that often leads to poor mental health.

Over the years, we’ve supported our members to cope with their Past, Present and Future in lots of ways:



Sometimes, the financial choices people were faced with in the past have brought them worry and stress.  By offering genuinely low-cost credit on a not-for-profit basis, we’ve been able to help them escape from the clutches of payday lenders and loan sharks. 

In other cases, we’ve helped them keep more of their weekly or monthly income by swapping their existing loans for a lower cost Credit Union Loan alternative.



Turning to the present, we don’t always have time to save up for the things we need in life.  We know the cost of raising a family can really add up, and isn’t spread evenly across the year, unlike our income.  

By smoothing out the cost of family life, and offering a built-in way to save up for those big spends, like Christmas, school kit and family birthdays, our Family Benefit Plan can take away that problem.

And when it comes to major purchases, a low-cost Car Loan, Home Improvement Loan or Holiday Loan offers a stress-free way to spread the cost over a sensible time span.   



For a worry-free future we can help our members to plan ahead, be prepared for those rainy days that come along and save up safely for a brighter tomorrow.

Our Christmas Saver account offers a popular way to plan your festive spending, removing the temptation to dip into those hard earned savings.

Flexi-Credit helps our payroll members cope with those unexpected bills and sudden emergencies at a very low cost.   Our Education Loan helps to spread the cost of investing in your future career.


Today, tomorrow and long into the future, your not-for-profit Credit Union is here to help you manage money without worry and stress.

Is there anything we might be able to help you with?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team, by phone, email, or in one of our network of community branches.

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