Planning ahead for a stress-free Christmas

Monday 02nd Oct, 2023

Here's some handy tips and more...

Whether you’ve started your Christmas planning already or not, HEY Credit Union’s friendly team will be here, as we’ve always been, to help you make the most of your money through what is often the most financially challenging time of the year.


Here’s a few handy tips that our members have suggested to help with your Christmas plans:

  • Start your planning early. Work out how much you are going to spend on presents for each person – and stick to it.  Manage expectations as to what you or Santa can give.
  • Shop around to find the best bargains. However tempting, don’t buy from unauthorised traders or unlicensed lenders.  Any savings may turn out to be a false economy. 
  • Be wary of extended warranties – often they cost more in the long run than the item would cost to repair.
  • Watch out for any Christmas craft fairs near you. They are great for Christmas decoration ideas and picking up unique gifts. 
  • Why not have a go at making your own cards, advent calendars, gifts and crackers? It’s a fun activity to do as the evenings draw in and a break from the TV.
  • Even though it’s Christmas, don’t forget your everyday bills like rent, energy and existing debts - they still need to be paid.
  • If you need more money, don’t just run up an overdraft without talking to your bank first – it could prove costly.
  • Before using credit cards (even those with interest free periods) or ‘buy now pay later’ schemes, read the small print and compare terms. You can get caught out by unexpected fees if you don’t repay on time.
  • Once Christmas is over, think what went well and what didn’t. That could be a good time to start a regular Christmas Saver for next year.

If you have any other tips, please share them with us.       


Are you looking to create a stress-free, enjoyable festive season for the family, but your budget won’t stretch to funding it all at once?   If so, we have some ideal products to help you:


Christmas Loan

Our Christmas Loan is a fantastic way to spread the cost of Christmas.   It is open to both new and existing members.  Every year we help thousands of members to steer clear of high-cost lenders and save themselves hundreds of pounds. 

  • you can repay weekly, fortnightly, 4-weekly or monthly, to match your income pattern, at a pace that suits you;
  • our competitive interest rates are set to cover our costs, not make a profit out of you;
  • we grant smaller-value loans than typical banks;
  • interest is calculated daily, so as your balance reduces, so does your interest;
  • there are no hidden costs or settlement penalties if you decide to repay early;
  • no doorstep collector comes to your home;
  • we can help you build a handy savings pot, as you repay, giving you more funds for the future.

Apply for a Christmas Loan online or in one of our Community Branches - you could have the funds to get your Christmas shopping started in just a few days time.

Loan calculator

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Member Feedback

"Got my annual Christmas Loan.  Would definitely recommend and the rates are so low" – Toni

"I have been with HEYCU for a good few years now and they have saved many a Christmas for us.  Couldn’t recommend them enough" – Lorraine


Christmas Saver

Our Christmas Saver account is another popular way to plan ahead for a hassle-free festive season.   It helps you put money aside regularly, safely and out of temptation’s way until 1st November.  Despite the tough economic climate, we’ve seen record amounts saved in this account in 2023.

  • Just £10 a week saved from early January would give you a savings pot of around £500 when Christmas comes. But it’s never too late to start;
  • Pay in as much or as little as you like;
  • A choice of ways to pay in – cash, bank standing order, Child Benefit, payroll deduction;
  • Fully FSCS protected, for added peace of mind;
  • Savings paid out by bank transfer or cash - no hampers or supermarket vouchers - so you can shop around for bargains;
  • A dividend ‘bonus’ is added as your reward.

Apply for a Christmas Saver Online or in one of our Community Branches.

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Member feedback

"I opened a Christmas Saver account – massive peace of mind when Christmas comes round" – Amanda

"The Christmas Saver is the best way to save! I find it so much easier to build up my savings when I can’t access it until November" – Emily

"I always struggled to find money for the extra expense of Christmas.  The savings are taken straight from my wages so I don’t even notice.  It’s made Christmas a lot easier" – Kristie


We hope Christmas 2023 will be a wonderful time for all our members!


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