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Friday 10th May, 2024

1872° Culture Temperature Check


In November 2023, we undertook a member survey with a difference! We invited members, by email, to complete our 1872° Culture Temperature Check; receiving 198 responses.

The 1872° Culture Temperature Check employs a unique scoring methodology; enabling us to monitor our performance and benchmark our values, behaviours, and standards. Not only does it provide a deep insight into our members experience, it also supplies us with evidence that we are committed to delivering positive outcomes to our members in line with the Consumer Duty.

In the survey, members were asked to score us on 18 statements (Super Cool – Red Hot / Strongly agree – Strongly disagree). The ‘cooler’ we are, the better the score. We are pleased to share that we received an overall ‘Super Cool / Strongly Agree’ status with an 1872° Temperature Check Score of 46.26

Here are our full survey results, including additional feedback and responses to suggestions


A selection of the results:

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