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Friday 29th Apr, 2022

Our Grimsby Branch Development Assistant

We asked Sally, our Grimsby Branch Development Assistant, what it's like to work for HEY Credit Union. Here's what she said:



What attracted you to join the HEY Credit Union Team?

The purpose and values of the credit union movement:  I have worked for organisations with similar aims for the past 15 years and prior to that worked in the public sector and I much prefer working for a more autonomous organisation. 


How long have you been with HEY Credit Union?

Nearly six months, long enough to know that I don't want to work anywhere else!


What do you look forward to each day?

I look forward to seeing members as each one is different.  I often meet people who I have helped in my previous roles and they are always pleased to see me.


What does a typical working day look like for you?

Half of my time is spent on outreach where I set up a desk within a community organisation and try to engage with as many people as possible.  Having worked in Benefits Advice I am also able to signpost to other help available.  For example, a lady happened to mention that she had no idea how much state pension she would get when she retires, so I explained how to get a pension forecast.   So even if our products don't fit the person at that time I am still able to "help." 


What do you feel makes HEY Credit Union so special?

I love the flexibility and autonomy of our services:  we can tweak things to fit rather than follow a set process.


What moments stand out during your working day that make a difference to you, your team and the members you serve?

Being able to help people who have been refused help elsewhere.  One of our first customers successfully applied for a small loan to carry out some minor repairs to his home, which he couldn’t afford from his Universal Credit.  He was pleasantly surprised to be offered a loan of £250 as he had never been successful applying for a loan: his bank said the amount he wanted to borrow was too small to make it viable for them.   He was very disillusioned with his bank after being a loyal customer for many years. 


What has been your best achievement while working at HEY Credit Union?

Gaining so many members in such a short space of time.  We now have 326 active members in North East Lincs and I am confident that we can increase membership in the coming months and years.


 What are your hopes for the future at HEY Credit Union?

I hope we can offer more sophisticated products, such as our own current accounts, to attract more members and draw them away from traditional banking.


We hope you enjoyed getting to know Sally! 


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